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Anne and Jolene are a mother/daughter team who went into business together accidentally.  After Jolene published her first book, people approached her for help with manuscripts and book proposals. She coached several people about how to write proposals and acquire contracts, but had less time for her own writing projects. She began offering clients thirty minutes of consultation time for free, followed by what she to considered an unreasonably large hourly rate to, believing this would discourage people. Instead, she had more clients than ever.  


Eventually she managed to finish the mystery novel she was writing. She sent it to Anne to read, expecting some general feedback.  Instead Anne put her college literature degree to work and sent Jolene a full edit, though she didn’t know that’s what it was called. Anne and Jolene realized they liked working together and could offer writers a full docket of services. Thus, their book coaching business was conceived. After a long gestation period, their formal business, Literary Midwives, was born.Since then, Anne and Jolene have helped many writers advance their skills, find their stories, polish their manuscripts and create their proposals and query letters.

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